An Introduction...

The Showline was registrated by FCI through the Norwegian Kennel Club in 1974 and by The English Kennel Club in 1975, but it all started when Knut introduced his first greyhound bitch into the Blütecher’s household in 1971, when he was a teenager.

The very first greyhound was a 8 weeks red bitch puppy, who became Int Norw Swed Fin Ch Fin W-75 Dogcastle’s Orbits Pride. Her very special personality and noble bearing made them want another, and then yet another...

Starting with bloodlines from the famous RP and Treetops kennels in England and later included the Solstrand kennels with several lines to Eng Ch Treetops Hawk, through his offspring as Riverbank Playboy, Int Ch Treetops Rising Pheasant and Eng Am Ch Seagift Parcancady Royaltan. For Showline these dogs were a lesson in breed type, in balance, combining strength and elegance.


Photo: Gro B. Henriksen

In 1975, Cecilie and Knut imported the California born white and red bitch Int Norw Swed Fin Ch Solstrand Autumn Leaves of Showline and in 1978 came the English born Int Norw Swed Fin Ch Solstrand Deep Blues of Showline. Even these magnificent bitches were strongly linebred to Hawk. The last one became a major cornerstone in the time to come, now in the 8th generation behind their latest litter of puppies.

Though Showline has a very small breeding programme they have owned and/or bred some very successful top winning greyhounds and even whippets. Some of these top winners have had an important impact for other breeders as well.

The Showline has been in the spotlight in the Scandinavian rings ever since their establishment in 1971. In this review we would like to present some of the more famous greyhound and whippet champions past and present.

The first whippet came in 1986. Knut fell in love in a very young junior when judging. She won the breed and just a few days later, she moved in! Int Nord Ch Con Moto Fanitulla was Top Whippet 1987 and became a huge winner in the rings. This was the first chapter in “The Book of Showline Whippets”!

Knut got his judging license approved by the Norwegian Kennel Club in 1983 for some of the sighthound breeds, and later on even for the other sighthound breeds as well. During the years he has been most fortunate to judge in some 20 different countries at some of the largest sighthound events through out the world.

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