February 22, 2009
NKK Bø International

JWW-08 NV-08 Showline Sporting Step wins CC and BOB as well as Group1 under Ingebjørg Stenhaugen, Dogcastle, Norway on Saturday, so we had to come back on Sunday winning Best in Show 2 under Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden in an entry of some 2 700 dogs. Ingebjørg says in her critique about Sara: ”One of my ideal greyhounds!”

Sara is No 2 Dog of the Year at time of writing and is just a youngster!

2009 02 21 BIS2

JWW-08 NV-08 Showline Sporting Step wins Best in Show 2 at NKK Bø International
This was her 7th Group 1 and 7th BIS/BIS placing!

Showline Hounds

Cecilie & Knut Fr Blütecher