July 23, 2011
Kent, England

Sara and I was on the trip from Norway to Leeds in England hoping to get her third and qualifying CC. We flew to Brussels, renting a car and drove through Belgum, France, the Euro tunnel and staying overnight with good friends in Kent. We started to get ready at 2.00 Friday morning, for driving up to Leeds. Taking Sara out for a walk, I saw at once she was not doing well. She was on the operating table before 3.00!

Thanks to Clare Boggia's quick reaction, phone calls and great help, and the very clever Vet. Julien, Sara will make it through. A BIG THANK YOU both!

I did not dare to take her home by plane. Luckely Rita and Paul Bartlett were going to Sweden by car the next few days, so they kindly took her all the way through Europe. We went over to Sweden and brought her home on Thursday. A BIG THANK YOU Rita and Paul!!

Now Sara will stay at home and make a nice and good recovery. She is already very much herself again - enjoying life!

Seing this from the outside, we have been lucky. Sara is recovering well.

Lots of thank yours for all support, warm and positive thinking through many many sms, e-mails and phone calls from friends around the world. THANK YOU ALL!