In this section we want to share some pictures of the best greyhounds we have in mind. As Knut is active judging we only include some excellent dogs from the past. For us these dogs are a lesson in breed type, in balance, combining strength and elegance. Please enjoy the dogs below...


Ch Treetops Hawk

Ch Seagift Parcancady Royaltan

Ch Seagift Parcancady Bluebell

Ch Shalfleet Starlight of Foxden

Ch Shalfleet Sir Lancelot

Ch Shalfleet Spode

Ch Aroi Swinging the Blues

Ch Aroi Talk of the Blues

Ch Shaunvalley Cavalier

Ch Solstrand Blues Image

Ch Solstrand Double Diamond

Ch Honey-Classic White Elephant

Ch Gulds Tawny Topstar

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